Swiss Select

A unique approach to investing in global markets


Active investment management is difficult: greed dominates in good times; fear in bad.

It is human nature to seek out a charismatic leader to follow during periods of uncertainty. With no other options, humans tend to accept the stock market as their leader which is often a bad choice. The market will ease your discomfort by urging you to buy when stocks are rising and liquidate during a panic. Unfortunately, what soothes the emotions can ultimately harm the portfolio.

We pledge to avoid this trap by employing an investment strategy that is heavy on research, process, and discipline. Proprietary quantitative models serve as our tools to help make investment decisions. As the world evolves, we constantly search for ways to enhance, adapt, and refine our models.

This is our approach. No guarantees. But we like the results so far…


Company Profile

Swiss Select Advisors, founded in 2009, is an exempt reporting adviser under SEC jurisdiction. Additional information is available in our Form ADV:

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We manage private funds including our flagship global equity fund. Typical fund shareholders are institutions, family offices and high net worth, accredited investors. 

Our Team


Marvin Bolt

Managing Partner & CEO